The Green Deal is set to transform the energy efficiency of British properties.

In plain language, the Government is establishing a framework to enable private firms to offer consumers energy efficiency improvements to their homes,this applies to tenants as well as home owners, community spaces and businesses at no upfront cost, and recoup payments through a charge in instalments on the energy bill.

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At the heart of the Government’s proposals is the Green Deal plan, an innovative financing mechanism which allows consumers to pay back through their energy bills. This means consumers can see the Green Deal charge alongside the reductions in energy use which generate savings on their bill. It also means that if they move out and cease to be the bill-payer at that property, the financial obligation doesn’t move with them but moves to the next bill payer: the charge is only paid whilst the benefits are enjoyed. In this way, the Green Deal differs from existing lending – it is not a conventional loan since the bill-payer is not liable for the full capital cost of the measures, only the charges due whilst they are the bill-payer. This is a market mechanism, funded by private capital, which we believe will deliver far more to consumers than any sort of top-down Government programme.

DECC Press Notices: £125m Green Deal cash back
offer and £40 million for local energy bill blitz

The Government is putting local action at the heart of efforts to keep energy bills down and homes warm, with an £40 million competition aimed at driving local initiatives to boost energy efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and encourage collective switching and purchasing. Visite to read full information.

The Green Deal Helpline can assist you in getting your property assessment completed by a fully qualified assessor and cut though all the red tape, and make the experience a smooth one.

Green Deal For Home Owners

Green Deal For Home Owners

Home owners are free to finance work in any way that they choose, and can also opt to pay for the work upfront, in whole or in part. The great thing is that the Green Deal offers you the opportunity to repay through your energy bills and spread the cost and enabling the obligation to repay to be passed on to future occupiers.

There will be significant consumer protections built into the framework – this is to protect both the original occupier and any who follow.
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